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The green monkey first unveiled ASEAN Cup sports people cheering Sports – Sohu   second China ASEAN International Youth Football Tournament will be held February 21, 2016 -25, held in Dongxing City, which is also the Spring Festival after the first important Guozihao race teams for the U19 age level, respectively, Croatia China team Bahrain, Philippines. In the absence of the national team and the Olympic team in the absence of the world cup, the ASEAN Cup invitational tournament is also a new appearance of China’s national brand in the new year. Therefore, the sports circles, have chosen to cheer for their endorsement, encouraging. ASEAN Cup invitational tournament was founded in 2015, this year is the second session, sponsored by the China Song Qingling foundation and the Dongxing Municipal People’s government, the Football Association for approval and support units, CTV Sports Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Dongxing municipal cultural, sports, radio, film and television bureau. Vision sports will exclusively undertake all business development, competition promotion and other services of the invitational tournament. The competition and sports cooperation will play an important role in starting the China ASEAN Youth Football game. It is reported that CTV sports belongs to China CCTV, is a wholly owned subsidiary of China International Television Corp. As the only business organization of sports events in CCTV, CTV sports covers the rights and interests of events and programs, the development and production of TV programs, the production of rebroadcast and TV signals, etc.. Every year, thousands of events and programs are involved in the operation, management and broadcasting. Including the Olympic Games and the World Cup soccer tournament, the European Football Championship, the league matches etc.. After years of hard work, CTV has become an international leading sports media platform. 国青猴年首战亮相东盟杯 体育各界人士加油鼓劲-搜狐体育     第二届中国-东盟国际青少年足球邀请赛将于2016年2月21日-25日在东兴市举行,这也是春节过后第一场重要的国字号比赛,参赛队伍为U19年龄层次,队伍分别为中国、克罗地亚、巴林、菲律宾。   在国家队和国奥队分别缺席世界大赛的背景下,本次“东盟杯”邀请赛,也是中国国字号在新年的一次全新亮相。为此,体育各界人士,纷纷选择了为他们代言的方式,加油,鼓劲。   东盟杯足球邀请赛创立于2015年,今年为第二届,由中国宋庆龄基金会、东兴市人民政府主办,足协为批准和支持单位,中视体育娱乐有限公司和东兴市文化体育广播电影电视局承办。中视体育将独家承担邀请赛的全部商务开发、赛事传播推广等服务。此次赛事选择和中视体育的合作,将为继续打响中国-东盟青少年足球赛这张体育牌发挥重要作用。 据悉,中视体育隶属于中国中央电视台,是中国国际电视总公司的全资子公司。作为中央电视台唯一的体育赛事商业运营机构,中视体育业务范围涵盖赛事及节目版权交易、电视节目研发与制作、转播与电视信号制作等。每年参与运营、管理和播出的赛事及节目等多达上千场。其中包括奥运会、世界杯足球赛、欧洲足球锦标赛、乒超联赛等。经过多年耕耘,中视体育已经成为具有国际领先水平的体育传媒平台。相关的主题文章:

Chengdu Park students have been maliciously painted stone crotch (Figure)

Chengdu Park students have been maliciously painted stone crotch (Figure) were sprayed with red ink stone stone city cleaning Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Xie client fuel bank) in February 22nd, the media reported the "Yunnan blue peacock was scared to death, because it was a passenger hold strong pull hair photos." people in the heart five mixed. Uncivilized phenomenon always brings nightmare to tourist attractions. In February 23rd, the WCC client reporter learned from the Chengdu City Administration Committee, February 20th, at the Chengdu Park Road, Xindu District of the old library, a schoolbag for student statues, being malicious will face and the navel, crotch were sprayed with red ink, the good "three good student" spoof into weird clown. "I don’t know is that it, too outrageous, the children see how to do." Uncle Wang, who lives nearby, was very angry. After receiving the complaint, the District Urban Management Bureau sent a special person to the scene to deal with it immediately. The staff cleaned and polished the stone statues and the surrounding walls, and it took nearly 2 hours to restore the statue. Reminder: Scrabble individuals will be fined according to the "Chengdu city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" provisions of article twenty-fourth, any units and individuals are not allowed to build city (structure) building facades, windows and doors, bridges, guardrail, electrical (light) rod, trees, pavement and other outdoor facilities or public places, hanging post, characterization, spraying, distribution of publicity materials, slogans. Due to major celebrations, festivals or other special circumstances need temporary display or set up posters, promotional materials, it shall be approved by the city administration, promptly after the expiration of self clearance. In violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the confiscation of their dissemination of promotional materials, promotional materials and ordered a clear slogan suspension, posting, characterization, spraying, to impose a fine of one hundred yuan, the unit fined five hundred yuan to two thousand yuan fine; overdue is not clear, for the removal of. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

成都公园内学生石像裆部被人恶意涂色(图) 石像被喷红色墨迹 城管清洗石像   华西都市报讯(客户端记者 谢燃岸)2月22日,有媒体报道“云南蓝孔雀被吓死,因遭旅客强抱拔毛拍照”,让人内心五味杂陈。不文明现象总给旅游景点带来噩梦。   2月23日,华西都市报客户端记者从成都市城管委获悉,2月20日,在成都新都区公园路老图书馆旁,一尊背书包的学生石像,被人恶意将面部和肚脐眼、裆部喷上了红色墨迹,将好端端的“三好学生”恶搞成了怪异小丑。   “不知道是那个弄的,实在太不像话了,孩子们看到怎么办。”家住附近的王大爷非常气愤,都区城管局接到投诉后,立即派遣专人前往现场进行处理。工作人员对污染的石像及周边墙体上的喷涂进行清洗和打磨等清洁处理,花了近2个小时才将石像恢复原貌。   提醒:   乱刻乱画个人将被罚款   根据《成都市市容和环境卫生管理条例》第二十四条规定,任何单位和个人不得擅自在城市建(构)筑物立面、门窗、桥梁、护栏、电(灯)杆、树木、路面及其他设施或者户外公共场所悬挂、张贴、刻画、喷涂、散发宣传品、标语。因重大庆典、节日或者其他特殊情况确需临时张挂或者设置标语、宣传品的,应当报经城市管理部门批准,到期后自行及时清除。   违反前款规定的,没收其散发的宣传品,责令限期清除悬挂、张贴、刻画、喷涂的宣传品及标语,对个人处以一百元以下罚款,对单位处以五百元以上二千元以下罚款;逾期不清除的,代为清除。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: